We're brewing up the future

ZX Ventures exists to evolve ABI’s understanding of consumer needs and create new and exciting businesses. It is the next step on ABI’s path to excite the world with exceptional experience

The ZXLERATOR is a new way we are innovating at ZX Ventures. Part-incubator, Part accelerator, ZXLERATOR is an 11-week intensive program designed to take our best, most disruptive seed-stage ideas, and develop them into validated business models.

For 11 weeks, internal entrepreneurs from across AB InBev’s global business units will form lean & focused startup teams to validate their ideas.

Teams will take a user-centric approach, each starting with a unique user problem to validate. They will then work to create the ideal solution to that problem; the solutions we will see generated in the ZXLERATOR could range anywhere from a new beverage, to a consumer appliance, mobile app, B2B service, or interactive entertainment experience. ZXLERATOR is about building products & services that people want.

Through an iterative cycle of getting to know users, building prototypes, running tests and measuring results, teams will take their ideas through 3 phases of validation.

During the program, participants will have access to: